911 Rescues Man from Boredom, Gives him a Pair of Cuffs to Play with

You know them times where you are just so bored, there is nothing you can do to cure your boredom? Well, you probably haven’t tried everything, because the last thing you’d do is call the 911 dispatch in order to save you… from yourself.

Sunday morning, 28-year-old Michael Gilman was arrested in Florida due to the fact that he was misusing the function of the dispatch… You know, the one meant to save the lives of people within the community

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.38.21 PM

Michael Gilman (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

According to the Huffington Post, Gilman must have been real bored because he called the police six times in one day, five of which happened every hour for five consecutive hours.

Either Gilman doesn’t have friends that know about politics and German history, or he has no friends at all because he wasn’t just being a goofball on the phone, he was trying to have full blown conversations about Hitler and the Jews.

On top of the Hitler talks, he tried to report an incident within the White House… because people in Florida have special insight on what goes on in POTUS’s house.

A police officer went to Gilman’s pad to speak to him, and Gilman told him he called “because he’s bored”. Of course the officer went there to warn Gilman that he might be arrested… But, the officer still ended up leaving with Gilman in cuffs.

Gillman was released a few hours later, the 911 dispatcher is still awaiting another call to continue the conversation about Hitler and the Jews.


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