The many faces of Hunter Knox

“The impossible just takes a little bit longer. You can take yourself anywhere.” – Hunter Knox

Hunter Knox is what some would call a master of well, what seems like anything.  Knox fits the description of adaptable, persistent, and determined. The media caught his attention soon after his educators did.

The 24 year old was awarded a $1,000 Student Leadership Scholarship. Knox was not awarded this for just attending class on time. The committee was impressed by his resume: serving in student government, working for the Upper Valley learning center speaking with middle and high school students about post secondary education  options, and organizing his fellow classmates to participate in blood drives, food drives, clothing drives, and community projects. If that doesn’t impress you, while adding all of those activities to the list, let’s not forget to mention Hunter’s ability to keep his grade point average at a 3.88 out of 4.0.

What is most humbling of the scholarship winner, is his response to the attention he has received. Knox states how his extracurricular work is a way to “pay forward” the support he’s received from his family, friends and the school.

Knox describes his adolescent life in high school as not much of a student who applied himself to future career options. Following his high school education, he enrolled in the construction practice and management program held at Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center.  Unfortunately, life changed his course after suffering a chronic back injury. Knox simply adapted to his strengths and changed his career path. He moved on to earning a professional-cooking certificate from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier; he worked in kitchens in West Lebanon and abroad.

It wasn’t long before Knox changed his career path once more. He attention turned to his childhood memories of spending time in the outdoors with his father Glenn Knox. Hunter states he isn’t sure what he wishes to do, but he has made the decision that his next job will make sure to take him outdoors.

It is apparent that we may see Hunter Knox in many different outlets of life. What we know for sure, is no matter where Hunter may end up next, he will do so with great honor and long strides of success.


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