Prank Call Causes Serious Damage to Morro Bay Burger King

Has anyone ever switched your sugar for salt? Or tickled your nose after they’ve put shaving cream on your hand? These pranks are all fun and games until someone smashes a local fast food establishment’s windows.

It seems like the climax of every adolescent slumber party was making a prank phone call, whether it was to the class crush or the local pizza place. While that was all in good fun, this hard-hitting phone call made to Morro Bay Burger King employees upped the stakes.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune stated that pranksters claiming to be members of Morro Bay’s fire department informed Burger King employees at 781 Quintana Road of a supposed gas leak late Saturday night. They urged the employees to break all the restaurant’s windows to ventilate the building.

The manager went so far as to ram his car into the side of the establishment. He has since been suspended.

Personnel from Morro Bay’s police and fire departments soon rushed to investigate the scene and found an estimated $35,000 in damages, according to KSBY, but no sign of a gas leak.

Workers repaired the damages on Monday and the chain reopened Tuesday.

The employees will not be charged, but whoever made the prank call could be faced with felony charges.



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