Orange County couple promise kindergartners college tuition

Spouses Marty Burbank and Seon Chun-Burbank set out to buy a long-anticipated boat with their savings. After hearing a church sermon about giving, the Burbanks decided to use their money for the greater good and donate the money they would have used on the boat to pay the college tuition for an entire kindergarten class. The class is taught by Tessa Ashton, an attendee of the church that inspired the Burbanks’ donation.

The class of 2032, comprised of five-year-olds, showed their gratefulness with colorful thank you cards. Though the students are not completely aware of the magnitude of this gift, Ashton said the students frequently talk about the couples’ kindness.

The school the kindergartners attend, Rio Vista Elementary, has a college readiness program. The campus has college flags displayed around it, encouraging students’ forward-thinking.

In addition to the tuition, the Burbanks gave the class markers, notebooks, and college sweatshirts.

Marty Burbank is also being honored as North Orange County’s ‘Man of the Year’ for his contributions.

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Marty Burbank, Seon Chun-Burbank, and Tessa Ashton in speak to the class of 2032.    Photo by DREW A. KELLEY




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