Man is Shocked to see the Wife he paid to have killed

Noela Rukundo is the lucky woman who’s life was spared by a group of hit men with some morals. Rukundo who lived in a Melbourne Australia with her husband of 10 years  was about to learn a horrifying truth about him. One year ago  Rukundo and her husband, Balenga Kalala, flew to Burundi to attend the funeral of her stepmother. After a sad, stressful day Rukundo went back to her hotel to lie down that’s  when her husband called and told her to tsp outside for some air._88103829_noelarukundoabc_news

As soon as she did this a man came at her with a gun and forced her into a car. This man along with a gang of hit men took her to a secluded place where they explained how they were hired by her husband. Rukundo could not believe this at first, but the men had proof, recorded phone conversations. The hit men explained to her that although they took her husband money they did not intend on killing her because they have a rule about killing women instead they set her free to warn other naive women. Once released Rukundo sought the help of BBC, her pastor back home and Kenyan and Belgian embassies. 7022364-1x1-340x340-1

Once back home she learned her husband was having a funeral for her since the hit men had falsely assured him that she was dead. As she waited for the guests to leave she finally walked up to her husband. Kalala cried in shock and regret begging for forgiveness but it was too late. Rukundo called the police and her husband eventually pleaded guilty ultimately sentenced to 9 years in prison for incitement to murder. Rukundo has been left to raise their eight children but her story of strength is one that has caught the attention of many news stations such as The Australian Broadcasting Corp. and The Washington Post.

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