Iowa state legislator furthers embarrassment from Rose Bowl

State representatives in Iowa filed a bill that would prevent any of the state’s three public Universities from cooperating with the Stanford after the Standford band, known for its outlandish and non-traditional performances, made fun of the state at the Rose Bowl Game. The Stanford Cardinal embarrassed the Iowa Hawkeyes 45-16 on Jan. 2. Once Stanford apologizes, the ban would be lifted.

While the band is forbidden from traveling to away games due to past transgressions, they were allowed to travel to the bowl game because it was considered a neutral site. The bill claims Stanford lacked judgment in letting the band participate in the game.

However, the best part of the whole ordeal is that the bill would still allow athletic competition between the schools, just not academic cooperation. So Sen. Mark Chelgren, R-Ottumwa, wants to prevent the three public universities in Iowa from cooperating with one of the five best universities in the country because their band made fun of Iowa. This absurd attempt to legislate morality is more embarrassing then college kids making fun of your state. There is really no logic to the bill, which luckily other legislators are freely stating.

“Are you serious? Is that a serious question? It is absurd,” Majority leader Michael Gronstal told the Des Moines Register said. He added: “I think it would probably be good if senators from southern Iowa had a sense of humor. We probably need a few more of those.”

Stanford already embarrassed Iowa at the Rose Bowl, now Iowa is just doing it to itself.


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