Vermont Man Becomes Cat Burglar..Literally

There may have not been any entering from a building by climbing to the upper story, but one Vermont man is taking the term ‘cat burglar’ to a whole new meaning.

Cat lovers and owners of Troy, Vermont should remain on high alert for a 54-year old man, who was arrested by Vermont State Police in connection to a literal cat burglary.

According to Orlando’s News 13, Mark Frady was charged Wednesday with burglary and unlawful trespassing.

Police stated that Frady allegedly stole a neighborhood cat named “Boots” who apparently must of had some resemblance to his own pet cat “Mason.” Frady told police that he took the family’s cat while on the search for Mason.

This may have not been his first stealthy steal. Police believe and are linking Frady to two other pet thefts in the area.

Frady was found in family’s home on Saturday where Boots was taken, and was asked to leave according to Police. The family stated that their security camera footage caught Frady in the act of taking Boots.

Police stated that Frady also returned to the home twice. He was then interrupted from his ill-timed cigarette smoke, accompanied by TV watching and a drink of coffee when the family found Frady in their basement and chased him out of the home.

Frady has pleaded not guilty and the judge has ordered a competency evaluation.


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