Spend $1 and sue for $5 million

When you think of mozzarella sticks, what do you think of? If you are anything like Chris Howe, you expect gooey mozzarella cheese when taking a bite.

You can imagine how thoroughly upset Chris Howe was when he took a bite of his McDonald’s mozzarella stick and noticed there was no cheese inside, but rather a starch filler.

According to CNN, Chris Howe is suing McDonald’s for $5 million because customers were led to believe they were buying “100% real mozzarella sticks” but, they really contain starch additives and filler ingredients.


Photo from CNN

Howe claims he had the mozzarella sticks tested, and they contain more starch and water than FDA guidelines allow.

He believes McDonald’s was falsely advertising the mozzarella sticks to be made with “real mozzarella” and he would not have wasted his $1.27 if he knew what they were actually filled with.

This is not the first time recently McDonald’s mozzarella sticks has been under scrutiny. The #wheresthecheese started trending on Twitter last week when users began posting pictures of empty mozzarella sticks.


Photo from Twitter

McDonald’s is standing by their mozzarella sticks by stating, “our mozzarella cheese sticks are made with 100% low moisture part skim mozzarella cheese. We intend to defend ourselves vigorously against these allegations.”


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