Gun control issues causing people to go crazy

With all this talk about the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms in this country, people are starting to lose their minds. According to FOXNEWS, a couple has been accused of stealing guns from a Missouri house. The couple could not stop there for they then turned their lives into a movie scene using their guns.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 5.58.29 PM

The couple went across the states robbing businesses and kidnapping people. They started in Alabama and Georgia.

The couple is being identified as Blake Fitzgerald and Brittany Nicole Harper. According to witnesses and other reports, the couple leaves the victims unharmed after taking their money and driving them a few miles down the road.

The couple also thought it was a bright idea to tell their latest victim where they were headed to in hopes to ‘get married and start a new life’. This mysterious never heard of place is called Florida.

It gets more interesting. They must have needed a food break during all this kidnapping action when they decided to stop at McDonald’s and rob the manager. They might have picked up some food too, who knows.

“As far as their motives behind things, there’s really not one,” Perry police Lt. Ken Ezell said.

Fitzgerald cannot seem to stop living in this crime scene of a movie because he has been accused for other crimes since 2013.

The couple should not be on the loose too much longer since they told their last victim where they were headed. Florida is where the police are headed to next.


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