Back for a Vengeance… And a Lifetime Supply of Kit-Kats

Break me off a piece of that … WAIT, why is there no wafer inside of this Kit-Kat?

College students everywhere are in search of some type of payment, but all they really need is a lifetime compensation of chocolate–with wafers in the middle, of course.

If this sounds a tiny bit crazy to you, you’re not alone, but according to NY Daily News, this is actually a thing.

Saima Ahmad, a 20-year-old law student in London is requesting that Nestle compensate her after she bought an 8-pack of Kit-Kat’s where the wafer filling that they’re famous seemed to have had escaped.

Ahmad claims that her request isn’t too far fetched as she is trying to “act as a means of quality control” for the rest of the public, according to NY Daily news–she also added in that if the deal coughed up by Nestle isn’t sweet enough, she will seek legal action… Oh, the joys of trying to please a law student.


After some extensive research, on Twitter of course, it turns out that Ahmad is not alone.

@rachjoness_ tweeted to the company saying, “The original wafer-less @KITKAT dated April 18, 2013 I want in on this class action lawsuit!!!” she included the picture on the left with her tweet.

Good Morning America has even weighed in on the lawsuit on their show and their twitter. They  even pulled out their favorite quote from Ahmad

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 6.17.19 PM

Are they mocking her? definitely… But to be fair, it’s kind of hard not to.

Regardless of how many people poke fun at Ahmad, the story is clearly gaining traction. GMA said that Nestle released a statement saying, “If any customer has any complaints, we prefer them to contact the company directly.” Apparently they don’t like all of the media attention that Ahmad is giving them after they betrayed her.

I’m sure Ahmad will refuse to rest until the company breaks her off a piece of that unlimited chocolate for life.


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