Chicago professor runs away from sexual harassment charges

According to the New York Times, University of Chicago molecular professor Jason Lieb has resigned after hearing that he possibly could be getting fired for violating the school’s sexual misconduct policy.

This is not the first time Dr. Lieb has been accused of sexual harassment in a university setting.Screenshot 2016-02-03 22.47.11

While at a molecular bioscience retreat that took place off campus, Dr.Lieb displayed unwelcoming sexual advancements to some of the female graduate students. Also, according to an investigation letter that the university had receieved about the incident, Dr. Lieb had sexual intercourse with an intoxicated student.

Before any action could take place at the university regarding Dr. Lieb’s situation, he had stepped down from his position.

Prior to Dr. Lieb being hired at University of Chicago, the molecular biologists at the university had received anonymous emails about Dr. Lieb’s past of sexual harassment at Princeton and the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Lieb was never accused of being guilty though.

During the hiring process for Dr. Lieb in Chicago, the hiring committee had a hard time of accusing someone if there was no evidence to prove he was guilty.

Dr. Lieb’s actions of sexual harassment were made known because it had happened in a public place around other graduate students and faculty members.

Due to the federal law, the university is obligated to investigate this case.

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