Suspect in Murder Case Jumps in Front of Train

This report involved a former NYPD cop who pleaded not guilty in the murder of his ex-girlfriend. According to authorities suspect, Arthur Lomando, threw himself in front of a train shortly after the murder. Lomando sustained severe leg and head damage which resulted in the amputation of both of his feet.

Although the former officer was fired for misconduct and disobedience, he claims the department simply did not want to pay for his mental health disability claim. Lomando had showed signs of mental health issues both in his professional and personal relationships. His defense argues for the lack of attention to the suspects need both prior and after the train incident. However there is hard evidence against Mr. Lomando in the murder case of his ex, Suzanne Bardzell.

The suspect’s bail is currently set at $5 million. This case has raised the question of how the police department deals with officers suffering from mental health problems.




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