Made in China sold in America


Business owners and everyday customers have argued and contemplated with the idea that China and their manufacturers are taking over Americas economy. The printed label “Made in China” has become what some might say as a reminder that China is a little too close for comfort. Business reporter Zoe Thomas by BBC News published an article, “A day using Chinese goods in the US” tested this theory herself.

Zoe Thomas conducts an experiment to be able go about her day in America while limiting herself to using strictly Chinese manufactured products. She covers clothing, breakfast food, technology, hotel, dating, and movies. Going through every topic, the reporter points out that limiting herself proved more difficult than the rumors anticipated.  Tracing back many products proved many were in fact supported by several global markets; not only focused in China.

Americans have noticed the growing presence of Chinese investors and in result become fearful of how big China has become in America. Thomas however, crushes this opinion with her final statement,

“The global economy is in fact global – international investors, global supply chains, free trade deals all make the idea that one country is taking over a little messier.”



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