Feinstein and Boxer Seek Federal Assistance for Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

According to the Los Angeles Times, U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are urging Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to investigate the cause of Southern California Gas Company’s natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon.

The gas leak began in October 2015, and since then has required nearly 3,000 families to evacuate their homes. It has been a very frustrating experience for many as the Porter Canyon residents desperately seek a solution.

In hopes of rapidly discovering a solution, California Democrats are hoping to add an amendment to the energy legislation, which would require Montiz to conduct a review and provide information on how to stop the leak and prevent future leaks from occurring.

According to the article, “‘It has been very frustrating to watch this Aliso Canyon crisis unfold — almost in slow motion — without any clear remedy'” stated Boxer, “‘ It is time to put our brightest minds to work to analyze and make recommendations that would not only assist in Aliso Canyon, but would also help us prevent and respond to similar incidents across the country.”

In order to prevent further damage, state lawmakers have made efforts to ban any new gas from entering the wells until it is safe to do so. Likewise, the California Public Utilities Commission is looking into permanently shutting down the gas field.

To speed up the solution process, both Feinstein and Boxer have reached out to federal agencies and are hoping to see them actively help California find a solution.

While the natural gas standards are currently in control of the states, the proposed amendment would require Moniz and his “six-member task force” to report back to both Congress and the president in order to keep the Aliso Canyon gas field in operation.


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