“Dewshine” responsible for Tenn. teens’ death

A deadly cocktail is to blame for two teenage boys’ death. According to a report from CNN, Logan Stephenson and J.D. Byram, both 16, died after drinking a mixture of Mountain Dew and methanol- based racing fuel. Stephenson passed last Thursday and Byram died Monday.

The two teens were reported to have attended a party where the drink was served earlier last week. Two other teen boys that drank the mixture at the same party were treated and hospitalized before being released.


J.D. Byram (left) and Logan Stephenson (right) are believed to have died after drinking a mixture of Mountain Dew and methanol at a party.

Dr. Donna Seger of the Tennessee Poison Center treated these boys and said that the deaths of the other two was “an unfortunate accident” due to the fact that they drank far more than the others did.

Methanol can make a person feel under the influence, but even the smallest amount of it can be toxic. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, symptoms from methanol poisoning include breathing difficulty, dizziness, and even seizures.

Dr. Donna Seger continues to say that “dewshine” is not something new and it has the potential to be an indicator of a larger problem.

“Typically, people don’t come up with names for something if it’s an isolated event. We need to educate people,” Deger said.

Autopsies are still in process and the medical examiner has yet to release the results of the toxicology tests.


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