Clinton hiding top secret information

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.58.44

According to the Los Angeles Times, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has more power than most would consider, but sketchy power.

Earlier today the State Department have found 22 messages that contains top secret information on Clinton’s private email server that she used while secretary of State.

The odd thing about this situation that seems to be raising a lot of controversy is that at the time Clinton did receive these emails they were not labeled top secret.

So what do these emails intend?

“I’m not going to speak to the content of these documents,” said State Department spokesman John Kirby. “I understand that there is great curiosity and I am not going to speak of the email traffic.”

As of right now the Clinton Campaign is still denying that the messages that were found on Clinton’s email contain anything that is sensitive secrets.

Yes we like power, but do we want someone who holds sketchy power to run our country?Who knows what else she has been hiding from us.



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