9 DUI’s? No Problem, but 10 . . .

KRDO News Channel 13 reports: A 54-year-old William Randall Nance has been sentenced to three years in prison by a Colorado Springs judge after pleading guilty to his 10th DUI.


Nance was arrested for driving drunk on Labor Day of 2015 just four months after Governor Hickenlooper signed Colorado’s new felony DUI law that states anybody facing their fourth DUI charge is eligible for prison time.

I’m sure that Nance wishes he could have watched a report done by Fox 21 News just three months after his arrest which helps the community avoid getting a DUI  Be sure to take extensive notes on the video, but if you do not have time, I’ll take notes for you … the ONLY advice given is: not to drink and drive … oh, and smoke (marijuana) either, unless of course you’re not driving, then do so responsibly and call a taxi.

Information from: KRDO News Channel 13, Fox 21 News and 9 News


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