The Armenian Genocide: Separating The Truth

Today marks what may be the most important cultural recognition day of any presently living Armenian. April 24th, 2015, marks the centennial of a day that is permanently etched into the minds of Armenians across the globe: the Armenian Genocide.

As part of the their plea for international recognition of the event, citizens of the country have asked President Obama to formally recognize what took place, using the word ‘genocide’ as the key word. The president however is choosing the same path that he has taken the last six years of his presidency: choosing to ignore that all-powerful word with recognizing the event. Jake Tapper of CNN calls this, “A broken promise.”

As people take a step back to understand the severity of the genocide, a task that may never truly be achieved, the criticism of the president’s ‘broken promise’ seems to be growing tremendously. Perhaps it is not so important to focus on the politics backing President Obama’s decision as it is to just say this: There are 1.5 million stories that never had the chance to be lived out to their full potential, and in such a time of deep remembrance, that should be the focus of the president and everyone else.


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