Mexican girl wrongly sent to the U.S. based on a scar

(AP Photo/Mario Armas)

(AP Photo/Mario Armas)   

A 14 year old girl was abducted from her middle school in Guanajuato on April 16 by Mexican federal police. She was transported to a courtroom in the neighboring state of Michoacan after a Houston women claimed she was her long lost daughter.

According to Huffington Post, Alondra Luna Nunez has returned home to her family in Mexico after a week long trial.

“The other girl had a scar, but on the eyebrow, and I have one on my nose. I mean all this was stirred up over that,” said Alondra, 14, to The Associated Press on Wednesday during an emotional reunion with her real family. “The judge said, ‘No, it’s her,’ and that was that.”

The Nunez family tried to fight the allegations  and prove their daughter’s identity with documents such as birth certificates, baptismal records and family photos. However, the judge ruled in favor of Dorotea Garcia and Alondra was sent to the United States.

Alondra requested DNA tests to be done, however Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado said it wasn’t within her authority to order a DNA test.

The video of her being forced into a police car after the trial went viral, causing an uproar and a public demand for an investigation. A Mexican consulate in Houston conducted the test and sure enough, Alondra was identified as a Nunez once more.

Watch the video of Alondra’s abduction by USA Today:


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