Flying high: USC trio launches medical marijuana ordering app

Nugg website.

Nugg website.

On Monday April 20th at 4:20 pm patients in Los Angeles and Orange were able to begin ordering medical marijuana through a new app called Nugg. The app, which allow users to schedule deliveries and pickups, was designed by three USC students.

The trio raised $100,000 for their start-up but the money was collected in an unusual way. Money for Nugg was raised by referring riders to ride the Lyft service. Lyft pays a commission of $10 to $20 for each rider referral.

Alex Milligan, Collin Mann, and Kam Babazade, Nugg’s founders, created a network of referral hunters on college campuses, and split their earnings through signing up 30,000 riders. Once they had the money, they began putting it toward developing Nugg, which was launched on the worldwide day for marijuana enthusiasts.

Nugg App. Photo Courtesy: LA Times

Nugg does not employ drivers or process payments yet, but it allows users to search for nearby dispensaries to pick up an order or have it delivered by drivers who work for the dispensary.

In order to use Nugg’s services, users must take a photo of their driver’s license as well as a doctor’s note to sign up. Nugg then checks with the doctor to verify the document.

Still dependent on the Lyft money, Milligan said associates of venture capital firms have already signed on as advisers of Nugg. The next challenge for the Nugg team is to make the service attractive to all age groups of users, from college students to the elderly.

Original story here


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