Major Automotive Powerhouse Takes Major Stance

(Courtesy: Autoblog)

(Courtesy: Autoblog)

In a day that I personally thought would never come, automotive journalism and public affairs journalism have combined into a single story. As a result, the following story has made waves across the nation in both sectors of the media.

A small repair shop owner in Michigan posted this week via Facebook that he would refuse service to openly gay customers, without hesitation. He said in his post that he would also “put back together one of their vehicles with all bolts and no nuts, just so they can see how that works.”

In one of the biggest responses yet to this statement, Cummins, the largest maker of diesel engines in the world, has demanded that the repair shop no longer use its logo. In a lengthy statement, Cummins said that their brand has a long history of “standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity.”

Since posting his original statement, the repair shop owner said to MLive, a Michigan news blog, “I can’t say I regret posting. I feel strongly about morals and belief. But the response: These people are using every tactic imaginable to absolutely destroy my business.”


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