Hacktivist group, ‘Anonymous,’ threatens NJ Police Department

This past monday a famous hacktivist group that refers to themselves as “Anonymous” released a video threatening Cumberland county persecutors office and the Vineland police department.

Source- Huffingtonpost.com

Source- Huffingtonpost.com

Last week the NJ police department was involved in the one scene death of a 32 year-old male. The police received a call in the early morning regarding a man engaging in disorderly conduct, shortly after the officers called in for an ambulance stating he was no longer breathing.

The group stated that the police department must release all personal information regarding the police officers who encountered phillip as well as the K9 carrying officer. They also demanded that the two officers be placed on administrative leave. They gave the department 24-hours to do so before they release the information as well as virtually attack their files and websites, releasing more private information revealing other officers who are members of the Vineland Police Department.

The police department to not comply with the orders demanded by anonymous and tuesday the names of the officers involved were posted on a website that claims to be affiliated with Anonymous.



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