Desalination Plant In The Works.

Lately California has been on every news network mainly for the water drought issue. Recently Governor Jerry Brown had issued a drought state of emergency. There has been cut backs in water usage in most counties except for Silicon Valley but recently, a new idea that could possibly help out Californians with the severity of the drought is in the works.

National map showing California's drought areas.

National map showing California’s drought areas.

According to the NY Times, Carlsbad desalination project is a $1 billion project that will utilize water from the Pacific Ocean and convert it into usable water for Californians. The desalination plant will be located in the San Diego County area.

Poseidon Water will be the company that will be in charge of the desalination plant.

“Our position is that seawater desalination should be the option of last resort,” said Sean Bothwell, an attorney with the California Coastkeeper Alliance, an environmental coalition that has battled California’s turn toward the technology.” – NY Times

This can help California in the long run and potentially create for programs for other states.


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