L.A. School District Wants a Refund on Rotten Apples

Courtesy: LAUSD.net

The L.A. Unified School District is demanding millions of dollars in refunds from Apple and Pearson, over a faulty curriculum program. The Pearson-developed curriculum was provided with iPads, purchased by the school district to be given to every student, teacher, and administrator.

Rolled out in fall 2013 under then-Supt. John Deasy, the $1.3 billion dollar program had issues almost immediately. Deasy said the program was a civil rights effort to provide lower income students with the same technologies their wealthier peers had.

Deasy resigned in October from pressure due to the iPad fiasco.

Under the contract, Pearson was suppose to provide English and Math curriculum. Pearson only provided partial curriculum during the first year, which made embracing the programs hard for teachers.

Availability of the Pearson programs is the biggest headache. LAUSD want a recoup from Apple because the curriculum often doesn’t work or is interrupted, making utilization of it in the classroom almost impossible.

Only two of 69 schools in the initiative are regularly using the programs. The other schools with more than 35,000 students, have completely given up on it, making the whole curriculum a big waste of money.

Students using their iPads in the LAUSD. Photo Courtesy: KTLA.com

Board of Education members along with teachers and administration believe Apple and Pearson have not yet delivered what they promise.

“I believe that it is time for Pearson to either deliver on its promises immediately or provide us with a refund so that we can purchase curriculum that actually works for our students,” said Board member Monica Ratliff.

No legal action has been taken yet, but the Board of Education met with its attorneys Tuesday to discuss possible litigation against Apple and Pearson.

Original story here


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