Former Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez convicted of murder


Image: Family photo of victim Odin Lloyd.

On Wednesday, April 15, Aaron Hernandez, 25, was sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole after being found guilty for the murder of Odin Lloyd in the first degree, in addition to the illegal possession of ammunition and a firearm. 

The trial began back in January of this year but the verdict took place over the last seven days, where the jurors spent about 35 hours contemplating their conclusion, according to CNN.

According to a source in law enforcement, Hernandez stated, “They got it wrong. I didn’t do it.”

The overwhelming evidence, however, would say otherwise such as the security footage taken from Hernandez’s home showed him carrying a gun that matched the description of the murder weapon, according to police. A series of text messages proved that Hernandez had invited the victim over to hang out on the night of his death, according to Business Insider.

Image: Steven Senne AP photographer, Aaron Hernandez convicted of first-degree murder

Image: Steven Senne AP photographer, Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez convicted of first-degree murder

Additionally, video surveillance shows a Nissan Altima rented in Hernandez’ name parked outside of the victim’s home at 2:30am, the day he was killed.

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn stated that Hernandez’s fame never became a factor to pressure the jury to sway any which way. “The fact that he was a professional athlete meant nothing in the end. He is a citizen who was held accountable by the jury for his depraved conduct,” said Quinn.

Ironically, Hernandez has been taken to Massachusetts Correctional Institution-Cedar Junction, a prison that is less than four miles away from Gillette Stadium, the Patriots home playing field.


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