Former Edgewood High student files lawsuit

Courtesy: Creative Commons

Courtesy: Creative Commons


Former Edgewood High School student checked out and filed a lawsuit against the school president and principal for the failure of disciplining students who were racially taunting him.

African American student Blake Broadnax, left the school after being racially harassed by his peers for three years.

As a result of the taunting, Broadnax was depressed and caused him and his family to move to Fishers, Ind.

According to Chicago Defender, “In a sophomore science class, Broadnax was told by a female student to “stop acting black” and “ghetto.” After Broadnax told the student her comments were inappropriate, the teacher threatened to send Broadnax to the principal’s office. Broadnax asked if he could go to the office to report the incident, but the teacher told him to sit down.”

The school officials stated they spoke to the family after each incident of racial taunting that took place and the family was satisfied with the outcome of the meetings. School officials also stated that their staff and faculty always acted appropriately.

“We firmly believe that Edgewood High School faculty and staff acted promptly and appropriately at all times in addressing and taking action on the matters that were brought to our attention.”


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