Suspect surrenders to police, still receives beating

On Thursday, April 9, 2015, police chased Francis Jared Pusok, 30 after the suspect fled the scene of a identity theft investigation in a vehicle, according to a NBC Los Angeles report.

When Pusok fled, police pursued the suspect throughout Apple Valley and Hisperia. The suspect ditched his car in Hisperia at Bowen Ranch, where he decided he wanted to become a cowboy.

The 30-year-old white suspect stole a horse from the ranch, according to deputies, and continued to flee in hot pursuit, or in this case: horse pursuit.

Eventually the police caught up when the suspect fell off the horse, and was tased by police. Once the officers approached the suspect, they began to beat him.

Image: Facebook, Francis Jared Pusok was beaten after surrendering to police.

Image: Facebook, Francis Jared Pusok was beaten after surrendering to police.

The video shows that Pusok, was kicked 17 times, punched 37 times, and hit with batons four times. 13 of these blows were inflicted upon the suspect’s head.

Once the video was made public, the sherrif of San Bernadino County, John McMahon ordered an internal investigation about the happenings of this event, saying that he was “disturbed” by what he saw in the video.

According to the officers, they stated the taser was ineffective on Pusok due to his loose clothing, which, I guess calls for a group of  11 deputies to beat a man who has already surrendered?

Pusok is currently in an unknown hospital, according to authorities, with unknown injuries. During this duration, both his mother and girlfriend have been unable to see or even know the location where Pusok is hospitalized.

Read another report here.

Watch the video below.


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