New video gives the S.C. cop “a little more reason” on why the chase began

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division recently released footage recorded by the dashboard camera inside Officer Michael T. Slager’s patrol car amidst investigations of Walter L. Scott’s death over the weekend. The video shows footage of the South Carolina cop pulling over Scott before he was shot to death.

In the video, you can see Slager asking Scott for registration and identification. Scott replied by saying that he had not purchased the car yet and for that reason he did not have any insurance coverage.

Slager then returns to his patrol car, meanwhile Scott jumps out of the car and flees. After noticing, Slager runs after him. Although the video does not show the shooting, the video does capture Slager ordering Scott to the ground.

According to S.C. lawyer and former director of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy John O’Leary, the video gives Slager little to no defense, but does give him “a little more reason about why he chased him to begin with.”

To watch the recently released video, click here.


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