Lack of Water Leads to Extreme Measures

Courtesy of the LA Times

Courtesy of the LA Times

With Gov. Jerry Brown’s executive order to cut water use by 25%, many water companies are forced to execute stricter laws and guidelines when it comes to their customers water consumption.

Many families throughout California, such as that of Orange County resident Joone Lopez, are unsure if they can actually accomplish that cut.

According to the LA Times, Several years ago, the district cracked down on heavy water users, sending inspectors to police the community and issue hundreds of fines. But after about 18 months of loud protests, the district relented. Community members throughout the state should expect rapid shifts with their water companies and water consumption. With a serious drought, the state has looked to these companies to enforce and limit water usage.

Residents should expect fines and higher billing for water consumption and overuse of it. Many individuals could say that the state is taking things to the next level by enforcing such harsh measures. Californian’s are notorious for their overconsumption and care free attitudes. However, government officials have stated that this is one of the worst droughts the state has ever seen.

Perhaps our mentalities should shift to a more conscientious state. A shorter shower and closing the facet when brushing your teeth can bring the state one step closer to surpassing the drought.


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