Education Goes Digital….Maybe

During this ever-changing, continually-evolving technological time, improvements are being made to every sector of public affairs. With that goal in mind, public education is attempting to ramp up their capabilities as well. However, the process has been less of an improvement and much more of a nightmare.

The NewsCorp company has been piloting tablets programs in schools across the country, again,

(Courtesy: Forbes)

(Courtesy: Forbes)

with the idea of helping to improve the educational process. Now a year after the pilot has ended, the company has recalled every single of the 20,000 distributed products and has called the program a failure.

Reports from schools all over seemed to match up identically: the tablets broke, didn’t function and were generally just poorly designed as a whole.

As a response to this, NewsCorp has cut ties with their current technological partner Asus and has switched to work with Intel. They claim that this change, alongside many, many others should get the job done.

Will there be a time when tablets are a common part of education? Yes, absolutely. That day might just be a little further than initially accounted for.


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