Attack of the goldfish

Teller Lake in Boulder Colorado is under attack. This time, the invasion comes from an unusual source, goldfish. The pet commonly given away at fairs and carnivals and famous for its short life span is taking over the lake and authorities are baffled about what to do with them.

Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

According to USA Today, wildlife officials believe that someone dumped a handful of goldfish into the lake a few years ago. Those few pilgrims have since multiplied into thousands and are pushing out the native fish population.

Officials say that there are two options for taking back the lake from the goldfish. They can drain the whole lake, remove the goldfish and restock the lake with native fish after refilling it or they can use boats with electroshock pointers to stun the fish, bringing them to the surface and allowing workers to remove them by hand without harming them.

As for the fate of the goldfish after being removed? They go to a raptor rehabilitation  center as the main course.

However no official timeline has emerged for handling the problem, so the goldfish still have plenty of time to respond to the call of the wild before their age of dominance ends.



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