Two Truths and Minimal Lies


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Courtesy of Creative Commons










On March 18, 2015, President Barack Obama arrived at the Global Center for Health Innovation, to speak at the Century Club in Cleveland.

The President announced a $500 million new public-private partnership to help the manufacturing industry and brief remarks on economic initiatives to help the middle class.

The President opens his speech stating America is following the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression.

“When I took office, the deficit was nearly 10 percent of our economy. Today, it’s approaching three percent,” said Obama.

The speech focused on where the country’s economy is today along with steps he has taken to improve the economy.

Obama also highlights comments made by Republicans regarding his plans coming into office. The President responds to these comments with laughter while reminiscing how the comments were wrong.

“One Republican in Congress warned our policies would diminish stock prices and another predicted my reelection would spike gas prices,” said Obama.

Obama responded to this statement by stating, “stock market jobs have more than doubled deficits that have been cut by two-thirds.”

According to the President, “We are now in the midst of the longest streak of private sector job on record. This statement would mean that out of 60 consecutive months and five straight years, a total of 12 million new jobs have been created.”

Obama lambasted the budget proposed by the Republican party.

“It is time the people at the top pay their fair share,” said Obama. “They (Republicans) can’t claim the vision is about helping working families get ahead when the proposals they (Republicans)  are putting fort for prosperity is a plan for those who have already prospered.”

The president discussed the U.S. economy and initiatives to help the middle class. He also criticized the Republican budget proposal. Other topics included voting rights and campaign finance.

Obama also states that the proposal he has planned is built on middle class economics and that the Republican budget is not.

“The republican budget will make things worse and hurt the middle class and the poor because they do not want the wealthy class to sacrifice anything,” said Obama.



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