The American Dream and sinking ships

Former United States Senator, Richard Santorum gave a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit on Jan. 24, 2015 at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, IA.

Beginning his speech, Santorum humored the audience with a story of his infamous sweater vest and informed the audience on the health of his daughter, Isabella.

Santorum discussed how he would not tear down the Democratic Party by talking poorly and tearing down their flaws because it is “what they would do” and it is how they won the past election. He brought up that the country is divided and that “we need to do better, because America deserves better.”

The statements that he made clearly shocked the audience at points as one could hear the gasps and comments that came from the audience throughout the speech.

While three of the statistics that he provided in his speech were not entirely correct, Santorum got the audience to question the drastic statistics. The lack of truth in those statements could have been used as either shock value or he simply misread the reports that he was talking about.

He got creative by using one saying that the Republican Party uses.

“One of our favorite sayings I know that you hear Republicans say all the time, is a rising tide lifts all boats. And that is true unless your boat has a hole in it.”

He used this metaphor as a visual to show how the American people and American Dream without an education cannot be successful in America, but rather they will fail or sink.

Santorum also talked about how the U.S. needs to provide jobs for America’s citizens and less for illegal immigrants. He discussed how education must involve the parents and not have the government control education, because this is one of the major reasons our country is failing.

He concluded his speech with speaking directly to the audience members to tell them that they do a great job, make good decisions and they will this time around in the upcoming election process.

Santorum had previously run for president in 2012, and was a United States Senator from 1997-2007.


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