Rick Perry – Iowa Freedom Summit, Hoyt Sherman, Moines, Iowa: Analysis


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  • Perry’s introduction was a bit lengthy but it consisted of recognition of certain people who have been helpful in certain aspects of his life. He also said thank yous to those who have helped and supported certain causes in the state of Iowa.
  • Criticism:
    • Perry took the liberty of giving his personal criticisms of how Obama has handled situations during his presidency and even criticized the pace in which Congress has moved to get certain things accomplished within the presidency.
      • He also mentioned that America now has a record number of food stamps and debt.
        • Under the record of debt, according to Factcheck.org, “the federal debt owed to the public had more than doubled under Obama, rising by 103 percent.

Body of Speech

  • American Freedom being Threatened
    • According to former Governor Perry, America is facing a major threat to it freedom. He names three major factors in which his speech is centered around and expanded on. The three factors are: big government, massive debt and slow growth.
  • Tactics to “heal the nation”
    • According to Perry, there are several things that need to take place to “heal the nation” as he said in his speech. One tactic would be to “return jobs from overseas.” By doing this the next tactic would be to “increase wages” which would “allow the middle class family to climb the ladder of success.”
    • But this would call for the conservatives to take action. He specifically called out the conservatives to “bring a vision for the future of the nation,” to change what is causing the threat to the nation.
  • The New Era
    • By bringing change to this threat, a new era should emerge bringing prosperity, reform and revival back to America, according to Perry.
    • Ideas for this era began with the building of the Keystone Pipeline and how the permission should be granted fort he project.
      • Another idea was to “open up for energy exploration” so that there could be a “jumpstart to the economy” resulting in the “promotion of lower energy costs.”
      • The reform aspect would be found in the tax code. According to the former governor, the tax code is outdated and by changing it, more jobs would be created. Perry mentioned this part to the be “incubator of corruption.”
      • Lastly, small businesses need to stop being strangled by strict regulations. Perry used and example of an engine. If small businesses were the engine of the economy, they would then be what drive the economic growth in America.
    • Improvements under Former Governor Perry’s Leadership

      Rick Perry Courtesy of Creative Commons

      • As an example to why this change needs to occur, Perry used his own leadership experiences to explain. He explained that he worked under one of the lowest tax burden states and created the best economic climate. They were able to keep spending under control and gave smart regulations to businesses. They also were able to improve educational opportunities in the state of Texas.
      • Under is leadership, Texas has created one third of all the jobs in America, and that 1.4 million jobs were created in the state of Texas starting in December 2007, while the rest of the country lost 400,000 jobs.
        • Fact check: According to Politifacts.com, this statement is mostly true and as evaluated by the information of household survey held by the federal government.
      • Further Criticism
        • Later in his speech he mention the Obama Energy Policy and how it is “a long list of projects that could not be started.”
          • Fact check: According to Factcheck.org, certain aspects of the energy problem have been falsely accused of having no solution when in reality some solutions are not actually solutions to the problem.
        • Perry made a statement about congress becoming a “debating society,” where they only talk about the issues and move when it is too late.
        • His message to Congress included four things, which are brought up throughout his speech. These included, a secure border, to “override the presidents lawless executive order,” “restore law and order,” and protect citizens.
        • Situations in Foreign Policy
          • When Perry moved into what seemed like a problem with foreign policy, he spoke of how America has “abandoned their friends and weaken their allies.”
          • Perry used the example of Israel.
            • In Israel there were peace talks that fell through between Palestine. When help was needed America was not present, causing the Israeli Prime Minister to be hacked by unnamed administration sources.
              • Fact check: To verify if the hack was true, according to ABCnews.com the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister was indeed hacked by a group called ZCompanyHackingCrew (ZHC) hacked both his Facebook and Twitter.
            • Problems with Borders
              • The borders have been a major issue addressed by Perry. In attempts to leave life in their areas, children have been reported to make their way to the border to turn themselves in to border patrol. As a result, federal agent must meet the needs of these 70,000 unaccompanied children.
                • Fact check: According to Factcheck.org, this statement is deemed true with some rounding. Customs and Border Patrol held 62,998 unaccompanied children as of July 31, 2012.
              • Perry also addressed the issue of human trafficking and the drug cartel, saying, “They are the face of evil.”
                • Under their control, they have “exploited children, enslaved women and smuggled drugs and weapons in the country.”
              • Conclusion/Overall Point
                • Perry ends this speech with his pride in being an American citizen. He believes in a clear understanding of what is going on so we may be confident “in the truth and goodness of our values.”
                • He said there is a need for more leadership and “there is nothing wrong in American today that can’t be fixed with new leadership.”

To view the whole speech, click here.


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