Rick Perry Criticizes about Change

Perry-at-Ag-summit-3-7-15At the Iowa Freedom Summit held at Hoyt Sherman in Moines, Iowa, former governor of Texas, Rick Perry was among the many speakers of the event.

Perry addressed the flaws in Obama’s policies and the response time of Congress to certain issues and combated them with ideas and changes that he believed should take place within the next few years.

He focused on a new era of prosperity, reform and revival. The new era would take place with the idea of building of the keystone pipeline, the reform of the tax code and the open-ended idea of energy exploration. These concepts alone would preferably bring about change in major problem areas.

Perry brought these concepts to life with his own experiences while he was governor in Texas. He used examples of the jobs created in Texas during his time as governor; the changes in education, smart small business regulation and spending that also took place during his time.

Perry also addressed the issues within Obama’s presidency that dealt with foreign policy and the borders.

The foreign policy in America with our allies has been strained, according to Perry, and has left allies abandoned and weak. He used the example of the peace talks between Israel and Palestine that fell through, with no allied assistance for help.

Perry also mentioned the problem under Obama’s policy about the borders. Many unaccompanied minors come across and turn themselves into border patrol in hopes of better care.

Some, Perry claimed to be victims of human trafficking through the drug cartel, looking for an escape. In relation to the issues of the borders, the drug cartel has control on the other side of the border and they smuggle materials into the country for their own benefits.

The former governor ended his time with his pride in being an American citizen and encouraged the audience to understand what is going on around them and that a better leadership is in order. He ended with the statement:

“There is nothing wrong in America today that can’t be fixed with new leadership.”

To hear the speech, click here.


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