President Barack Obama-Cleveland City Center: Analysis


Courtsey of Creative Commons

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The duty of a journalist is to determine the truth and provide that information to the public. Sometimes, when journalist report on speeches given by politicians, they lose sight of the main goal which is providing the people with what they want. Instead journalist publish what politicians say without fact checking. Ultimately the publications and the journalist end up losing the reader’s trust. This brief analysis will touch on the middle class economics speech made by President Obama at the City Club of Cleveland. This analysis will also discuss the accuracy of some of the comments he made during his speech.

Throughout Obama’s speech, he spoke about the number of jobs he has created since he has been in office along with the number of people that are going back to work due to his proposals. “Since 2010, America has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan, and all advanced economies combined,” stated President Obama in his remarks speech regarding middle class economics. According to, this quote is true. Obama has created jobs for people to go back to work compared to other countries.  Next Obama stated that, “the economy is creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999.” According to the website this is also true. In this particular speech, the comments Obama makes in regards to middle class economics have been found to be true and or half true.

Obama stated, “high school graduation rate hit another all time high.” During his visit to Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, Obama made a similar comment. The president stated, “high school graduation rate is the highest on record.” Three years before his speech at Valencia College, the President gave his State of the Union address stating many jobs require people to have more than a high school diploma yet, students are dropping out of high school. The statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics at the Education Department stated high graduation rates had increased by 81 percent. Their research was based off the 1969 calculations of high school dropout rates in comparison to the current year. This statement would be looked at as either true or half true.

According to,  there is some debate on the type of methodology and the consistency in numbers in regards to determining whether or not high school graduation rates are increasing. The website states that the one thing everyone can agree on is the truth, which is high school graduation rates are increasing. Obama went on to say “Today America isn’t just number one in gas but number one in wind power.” After researching this statement from the speech, the researched conducted proved this statement true.

According to CNBC article,”Though China has more megawatts of wind turbines installed than the U.S—about 90,000 to America’s 60,000—the U.S. actually produces more electricity that is delivered to the grid, which in turn reaches more businesses and homes. And while China’s wind industry delivered less than 138 billion kilowatt-hours in 2013, the U.S.’s delivered more than 167 billion.” This would mean the U.S. has been increasing its numbers since the President was in office during his first term. “That’s 20 percent more than China. And the U.S.’s generation has been growing steadily since 2008, when it first overtook Germany to become the world’s No. 1 producer.”

When the President came into office, he promised to fix the current health care system in place without increasing the deficit. In his Cleveland City Center Speech, he stated, “the affordable health care act alone will cut our deficits by more than a trillion dollars over the next two decades.” The president also stated that,”The affordable care act, more than 16 million more Americans have gained the security of health care coverage.” This is a true statement, the cost of health care has played a major role in the increase of the deficits.

Last year, Washington Post writer Paul Waldman wrote an article stating, “the CBO says the deficit this year will be $506 billion, or 2.9 percent of GDP. In 2013 it was $680 billion, so that’s a pretty steep drop. And in terms of GDP, not only is that slightly lower than the average deficit of the last 40 years (3.1 percent), it’s also a 70 percent decline from Obama’s first year in office, where because of the Great Recession, which brought both the need for more spending and a plunge in tax revenues, the deficit peaked at 9.8 percent of GDP.”

Obama wrapped up the speech with a quick discussion of the vaious ways people tried to put down his ideaswhile he was campagining during the election. He also listed off all of the benifical  things that have rsulted from him being in office for two terms. More specifically the good things that came out of his ideas and plans he wanted to accomplish during his presidency. He compares the Republican budget to his own.Stating their budget will make things worse unltimately hurting both the middle and poor class. He believes the Republican party does not want the wealthy class to sacrifice anything ( money). He uses the example of the fact that the Republican party is putting forth the same proposal year after year instead of making changes. Lastly, he states the Republican party Cannot claim they are concerned with helping working families get ahead when the proposals they are putting forth is for those who have already prospered.

“In more concrete terms, the reduced estimates mean that the federal government’s long-term budget deficit is considerably less severe than commonly thought just a few years ago. The country still faces a projected deficit in future decades, thanks mostly to the retirement of the baby boomers and the high cost of medical care, but it is not likely to require the level of fiscal pain that many assumed several years ago.”

This does not mean that their is not a possibility that the U.S will not go through another increase in their deficit. The American people can rest assure during the remaining time of President Barack Obama’s time in office. As for now,  another check off the list for Obama presidency.


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