Defense Secretary Ashton Carter speaks on national security and expanding budget

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter addressed the State Department’s Global Chiefs of Mission Conference Thursday afternoon in the Benjamin Franklin Room of the State Department in Washington D.C.

Carter’s keynote luncheon addressed expanding the defense budget for 2016, national security challenges, as well as support to strengthen inter-agency cooperation in terms of national security and trade priorities.

Carter opened up his speech with an update about his meeting with Afghan leaders, President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah, together they addressed Afghanistan’s political, economic, and military future.Secretary of State John Kerry brought them together into a national unity government, which will make adjustments that promote America’s goal of ensuring a long campaign in Afghanistan lead to lasting success.

Carter addressed the state’s need for a bigger budget in 2016 stating, “70,000 State Department personnel, including nearly 14,000 Foreign Service professionals, serve our nation around the world and here in Washington.” The expansion in the departments have required the need to expand the defense budget.

With the ability of action from each individual department, Carter states that working together and maintaining cooperation will lead to a lasting effect.

Defense Secretary quotes Benjamin Franklin who says, “well done is better than well said.” He makes a claim that investing in a whole-of-government way is better than theorizing or to strategize.

Deputy Secretary Blinken introducing Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. Photo Cred: CSPAN

Deputy Secretary Blinken introducing Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. Photo Cred: CSPAN

Working towards the future, Carter addresses Congress to support the desire to invest in future prosperity. He states, “new trade agreements, including Trade Promotion Authority for the President.  We must be allowed to clinch new and historic trade agreements spanning from Europe to Asia.”

Carter breaks down the emerging middle class statistics of consumers and the rise and fall of numbers within Asia and other merging markets outside of our borders. As global trade intensifies, he hopes America’s economy will not be left behind and by doing so, we must have security and lasting partnerships.

The Secretary of Defense ends his speech with the idea that it is our values that will sustain global leadership and continue to inspire new generations.


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