Weekends should be the best part of the week, not the most deadly

According to a recent LA Times article, weekends are the deadliest for a particular people group: Latinos. Statistics show that “the average Latino homicide victim in Los Angeles County is 15% more likely to be killed on a weekend,” the article said.

Although the spike is up for Latinos specifically, the number of homicides for all races increases on the weekend. “Without considering race, almost as many people are killed Mondays through Thursdays as on weekends in Los Angeles County,” the article said.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.28.20 PM

The article reported: “What leisure time they do have, especially [Latino] males, is concentrated in and around the weekend and weekend nights in particular,” said Ramiro Martinez Jr., a criminologist at Northeastern University who has observed similar crime trends in the Latino community.

The article not only failed to fully explain the murder rate trends, but it also did not specify why the time that most murders occur is referred to as someone’s “leisure time.”


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