Utah Comes Out Guns Blazin’

The death penalty remains one of the most controversial issues this country faces on a daily basis; this is not news to anyone and has the potential to stir up some pretty serious reactions. And now the state of Utah just added a lot of fuel to the fire.

On Monday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed into law the ability to execute an inmate on death row via firing squad, which makes Utah the only state in the nation that approves such measures. The governor alluded to the fact that this decision comes based off of a severe shortage of lethal injection drugs.  He states, “We still prefer to use our primary method of lethal injection when such a sentence is issued.”

This immense shortage of lethal injection drugs is affecting every practicing death penalty state, of which there are currently eight. The decision to bring back firing squad is one that perhaps brings the US back to a less civil, more barbaric time. As this news breaks, one can only wonder what sort of this precedent this will set for the rest of the nation.

A rendering of the execution setup. (Courtesy: NPR)

A rendering of the execution setup.
(Courtesy: NPR)


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