UC’s continue to change after presidents death

Last week, former president of University of California systems and UC Irvine chancellor Jack W. Peltason died at 91. With a sad departure from the figure, many officials are advancing the conversation of higher education with the structures of California.

UC Merced introduced its 5-year to increase student population plan to UC reagents. Additionally, UC Berkley is looking to build a satellite campus on its 150 unused acres it owns near the Richmond waterfront.

Not only are school officials involved in the conversation, but state Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Glendale) attracted attention for proposing a new UC Campus Silicon Valley or Los Angeles. Gatto’s legislation would push for $50 million for land acquisition and building. In a recent interview, Gatto stated that there is “no better way to spend our money that through higher education.”

Many officials are talking about ways to improve the current systems and structures placed in UC’s today. Others say that planning on building new campuses does not benefit the student population. The conversation has also focused on adding more night and weekend classes as well as adding online ones.

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