Ted Cruz Raises $2 Million During First Three Days of Candidacy

Sen. Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz Courtesy of Creative Commons

The 2016 White House election candidates are emerging and Senator Ted Cruz from Texas has already raised $2 million in the first three days of his presidential candidacy. Cruz tweeted his announcement of running for resident and had 5.7 million interactions through Facebook the same day. Two thirds of his fundraising has come though the Internet. His strategy consists of a complex social media outreach that is aimed toward certain groups of people.

According to USA Today, the web advertising is designed to reach seven different clusters of people, has 17 different advertising messages to reach donors and directs the user to the website, tedcruz.org. If a group is concerned about personal safety then an online ad will show a home break-in, or if religion is a concern a banner about “bringing faith in God back to America” will show.

The idea of this online advertisement is to engage people, mostly donors, and to target what most political candidates try to target early on. Cruz has so far accomplished this goal with donations of $99 or less and wishes to raise $40 million to $50 million by March next year, but for now he is accepting the donations from small donors.


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