Co-Piloting Gone Wrong

Another plane gone but this time we actually know why and no CNN it wasn’t the Bermuda Triangle. Earlier this week, a German airline crashed into the French Alps carrying 150 passengers that included clouded crew members. This time, the crash wasn’t due to an engine malfunction or any kind of technical issues.

Inside the cockpit of Airbus A320.

Inside the cockpit of Airbus A320.

According to Yahoo! News, the unfortunate crash was caused by 27-year-old co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, said German authorities. Lubitz, who was treated for an extreme depressive episode 6 years ago, decided to lock the captain out of the cockpit and set the plane veering down, killing all 150 passengers on board.

The cockpit voice recorders of Airbus A320, showed no explanation as to why Lubitz set the plane to crash. I am sure this will bring up many concerns in regards to taking precautions and exams before giving the green light to pilots.


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