Right to carry in California’s future?

The federal court of appeals agreed to rethink it’s decision to strike down a California law that requires applicants for a concealed-weapons permit to show “good cause” beyond self defense.

An 11-judge panel is set to reconsider the decision that was made in February 2014. This type of session in court is known as an “en banc” which means the case is hear before all of judges in the court. It is rare and usually used for complex or cases of great importance.

It was ruled in 2014 by a 2-1 favor that the ruling violated California’s 2nd Amendment to require that applicants demonstrate a real danger other than self defense in order to receive their concealed weapon permit.

A lawsuit was filed against the San Diego county sheriff by several people who were denied a permit and felt their amendment rights were being violated.

While the plaintiffs will fight for their 2nd Amendment rights and a more lax law, the attorney general’s office urged the court to, “restore this critical law enforcement authority to protect public safety.”

The current laws prohibit California residents from carrying handguns in public without a permit. State law requires applicants to show good moral character, have good cause and take a training course. State sheriffs and police chiefs typically to issue the permits, and most require an applicant to demonstrate a real danger or other reasons beyond simple self-defense to receive one.

Forty-two other states are “right to carry” and California is regulated by local law. The ruling could leave things as is, or allow California residents to obtain permits easier.

Courtesy: National Rifle Association

Original story here


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