Processed Marriage

Coming soon to grocery shelves near you: Ketchup-flavored mac and cheese.

Though that product doesn’t exist, it may soon because the parents of those products are coming together in a marriage made in processed food heaven. Heinz and Kraft are merging into what will be the world’s fifth largest food company with a value of $36 billion.

USA Today says that the challenge for these two companies is figuring out how to appeal to customers who are more interested in fresh and healthy foods as opposed to processed ones. But despite the healthy trend, these companies are still earning lots and lots of money.

According to the USA Today article, at least one Kraft product is in 98 percent of households in America. Heinz, not surprisingly, is the world’s top ketchup brand.

The merger caused a huge jump in stock prices for Kraft on Wednesday from $21.83 per share to $83.15.

It will be interesting to see if this merger brings about any healthy change in the processed products. In the meantime, enjoy your mac.

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