‘Google’ search: how to rob a bank

“Just ‘Google’ it” is a common solution for a variety of questions from basic tasks to important facts and information. The phrase “how to” can be used to find anything from changing the oil in a car to essential CPR training.

For two suspects in an attempted bank robbery that occurred in Black Hawk, Colo. ‘Google’ provided another kind of useful “how to.” This time, one of the suspects was curious to find out about, “how people got caught after bank robberies.” Needless to say, the suspects put those search results to good use in their attempted heist of Great Western Bank.

According to USA Today, the suspects were a Texas couple Kody Davis, 33, and Amanda Davis, 31, who recently moved to Colorado partly due to access to legal marijuana.

Photo by USA Today

Photo by USA Today

When they lost most of their money gambling, Amanda decided their next course of action was to make a ‘withdrawal’ of sorts from the bank and used her phone to search ‘Google’ in order to help plan out the operation.

The couple fled the bank lead police on a high-speed chase all the way to Wyoming before running over spikes on the highway and being taken into custody. Apparently “how to lose the police in a high speed chase” was not a search that occurred to them.

The ‘Google’ search came out during the subsequent investigation and will likely be used as evidence in the trial.

Their case gives some words to live by, anything you ‘Google’ can and will be used against you in a court of law.


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