The drought is real

This past Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown and other top lawmakers decided to take the drought situation into their own hands. With an announcement stating that California has only one more year of water left, these politicians decided to present a $1-billion-plus plan to improve the state’s water infrastructure, support communities and protect wildlife during the drought.

However only a small portion, $27.4 million, involves new funding, which would be used to deliver food to struggling Californian’s in the Central Valley. Many others are speaking out in regards to the plan’s proposed measures. With a large portion of the plan focusing on flood control plans, other agencies are tightening the way Californian’s use water.

Courtesy of the LA Times

Courtesy of the LA Times

According to the State Water Board, they are telling urban agencies to have stricter measures to limit the number of days that residents can water their yards. Additionally, they advise consumers to minimize their water usage.

Despite conflict, Brown was joined by Democratic and Republican legislative leaders in a show of broad support.

Californians are advised to ration their water supply and maintain awareness of the severity of the drought. With only one year of water left, we can expect outside states and government chiming into the conversation to find tangible solutions to the issue.


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