Shifting the blame: sexual assault on college campuses

Film-Sundance-The Hunting Ground-First Look

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

There seems to be a gap here.

In a recent survey by Gallup for Inside Higher Ed, 647 college presidents were asked about sexual assault on campus. 32 percent agree or strongly agree that sexual assault is prevalent at American colleges and universities, however only 6 percent agree or strongly agree that assault is common on their own campuses.

The National Institute of Justice states that currently one in five female students will experience a rape at some point in their college career.

95 percent of college presidents claim they handle matters of sexual assault appropriately, yet there are 94 colleges and universities under federal investigation for their mishandling of sexual assault cases under Title IX.

The college presidents did make one valid claim in the survey, 7 in 10 say that the way schools respond to sexual assault needs to improve.

The tattling presidents seem to be more concerned with their own image than truthfully admitting the flaws of their institutions. After all the consequences of responding truthfully to anonymous survey are quite frightening.

The first step in any reform program is to admit that you have a problem and it seems that 94 percent of college presidents are not prepared to do take it.


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