Mandatory Voting: Excessive or Necessary?

On Wednesday, the president spoke to a civic group in Cleveland, covering a variety of topics. However, the tables shifted slightly when Obama mentioned the idea of mandatory election participation, a concept that is foundational to democracies all over the world.

Countries including: Australia, Belgium, Mexico and Turkey all require their citizens to show up on election day, regardless of political affiliation. In regards to the idea, Obama said, “If everyone voted, then it would complete change the political map in this country,” going on to say that it would be “completely transformative.”

Challenging that idea, Fox News took the time to gather a team of Constitutional, legal experts that say this would frankly never happen.  In the article, the experts proclaim that one of the foundational elements of the constitution is the right to vote, not the requirement to.

Regardless of legal potentially of this idea, it certainly brings up a point worth talking about. In a country that prides itself on freedom and voting rights, shouldn’t everyone at least want to play an active role in that? Perhaps not, but in the meantime, President Obama’s “completely transformative” idea is something that should absolutely be discussed.




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