Mair losing the aiding support of Walker


Photo Courtesy Associated Press / Illustration by Politico

The likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, spent the week in defense as his communication campaign staffer resigned after only 48 hours on the job.

On Monday, consultant Liz Mair began working for Walker leading social media efforts, but quickly quit after her personal tweets from the Iowa Freedom Summit this past January resurfaced.

There is no confirmation on how the tweets began recirculating, but Mair, in a more recent tweet, speculates that it was someone from the Democratic Party as many Republicans assume it was the work of another GOP candidate.                                          

Steve Deace, a conservative Radio host in Iowa, was quoted saying how Walker’s failure to catch this was “urinating in the face of voters and telling them it’s raining” in an article published by Breibart News shortly after Mair was hired.

The 49-year-old Midwestern candidate is proving to be a cautious campaigner, which is interesting because as governor, he has been nothing short of bold.

In an interview with Politico, Mair sees the targeting of staffers to be the reality of modern campaigning – like it or not.

“You have to have a very thick skin to play this game, whether as a candidate, staffer, reporter or commentator,” Mair continued. “Based on my experience this week, I would tell prospective staffers who have an aversion to getting in excess of 1,000 emails a day from campaigns, media, fans, haters, people proposing marriage (twice so far today), and everything in between, find another profession.”

Nonetheless, the lesson to be learned among future candidates and staffers is to simply pay attention. During this stage of election, with how important Iowa is, it may better to just say, or tweet, nothing at all about the state– whether it be good or bad.


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