If only God cried a little more over California

This drought California has been experiencing has been reported to be the worst this state has seen in a generation, according to KCRA. So in response to this drought, today Governor Brown proposed a bill in which it would increase funding efforts to conserve water by more than $1 billion.

ca rainfall image

Image: NDAA, Image shows the average percentage of percentage experienced by California from October 1, 2014 to March 18, 2015.

This drought California has found itself suffering through has lasted over the past four years, being detrimental to already otherwise dry regions, and straining the regions that were otherwise stable.

According to the article linked above, the legislation states that $128 million is going to help with communities in California with “dire water shortages”, unemployed farmers from the Central Valley, and regions that are prone to produce wildfires.

The remainder of the funds are supposed to materialize from bonds approved by voters.

How the legislation is focusing, however, is on improving flood control structures, since the drought has caused the climate to bring about sudden floods. Therefore, if flood control structures are improved, they would hopefully be able to protect the water resource from floods.

It’s an interesting tactic, but based on how much rain California has been receiving the past couple of years, is something like this effective? $1 billion is a lot of money for a plan that relies on flooding, whether the climate has been more likely to flood California or not.

Want to know more? NPR did a bit on the legislation earlier on Thursday. Click here to listen.


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